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"These guys have a serious and melodic grind to their groove. This is the kind of music I like to crank up loud and hit the highway at 90 MPH on cruise control."

Dr. Blu

"...A Light Within writes songs that deal with the darker side of the psyche being celebrated in bombastic, beautiful anguish - doing so not only with thunderous power, but with a deft touch as well." - Michael Byars, DeliMagazine

“...the band brings an aesthetically tuned forcefulness that is consistently enticing.” - Dan Lake, Decibel Magazine

“...I'm so happy I checked them out. They are a post metal collective that could be for fans of Isis, Deftones, Callisto, Russian Circles, and so on. A really, really good band that deserves a chance.” - Daniel Cordova, Metal Injection

“...a gorgeous, introspective journey based mostly around stark melodies and building atmosphere, rather than blasting your face off. This is music you can absolutely get lost in.” - Nick DeSimone, Metal Insider

“...their combination of post-rock, progressive metal, and a little bit of ambient music really makes them a great band to listen to no matter what mood you’re in. I really appreciate the mixing of genres, because it’s really hard to pull it off effectively without decades of trying.” - Spencer Snitil, Heavy Blog is Heavy

“...I can honestly say this is an incredible record to immerse yourself in and let the textures wash over you. The instrumentation is seamless and mixes ambient to heavy and back in a way that I've only heard a few bands like Junius do.” - Chris Tedor, The Sludgelord

“...a mini-record that’s progressive, exploratory in the extreme and unwaveringly experimental. Body Matter will take you off into another world and yet it finds a gritty essence that anchors the whole thing in an earthbound gloom. This is a phenomenal release.” - Chris Nee, FiveAlbums


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