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Elise’s journey to the blues led her through a landscape of classic, prog, and glam rock. Her sound has been compared to Joan Baez and Susan Tedeschi, a little Bonnie Raitt, a little Johnny Winter and a dash of Stevie Ray Vaughan for good measure.

She was instrumental in reviving the Kansas City Drum Tribe when she arrived in Kansas City in 2007. Over the past few years she’s been more active in the blues scene, learning as much as she can from the amazing people who are keeping the rich history of the blues alive in KC. 

You can find her busking most weekends at the City Market in downtown Kansas City, or at Steel's Used Books in North Kansas City. 

Previous shows have included the Lawrence Busker Fest, PorchFest, Make Music Liberty, and appearances on KKFI 90.1fm with the Kansas City Women’s Music Network. 

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