America's Original Underground Rock N' Roll Internet Radio Station

Bill Hankins - Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter, Vocalist

Matt Heath - Drummer, Songwriter

Erik Koski - Bassist, Songwriter

Julian Sterling - Backup Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter



Energy Alchemist! Wow! Where do I start?

They’re Facebook page says, “We bring you heavy hitting tracks to stimulate your body, mind and spirit”. Whew! They ain’t lying! It's like I got slapped in the face and now I feel so much better!

I can only type about six words a minute, this could take me all day!

These guys have so much talent, style, and imagination it's sick.

And though they are very metal, I don’t think I'd go calling it heavy metal. This is crossover shit! I don’t know how any sane human beings can listen to this band and not turn to someone they love and say, "Martha, this is some mighty fine music"

When it comes to skill and ability the entire band, all of 4 of them, are Music Gods! That’s nice and everything, everybody loves that kind of show. But heart and imagination, that's what always gets me by the boo boo. And these guys are stuffed to the brim with it! Their cup runneth over with heart and imagination!

Musically and vocally both, this album is a thing of beauty. The lyrics really rock too. They're true craftsmen.

There’s another thing that sets these guys apart from their peers and it makes the world of difference. Most folks don’t know it’s what they’re hearing. But they hear it. It’s called strength. And these guys got it in abundance! Strength only comes from playing the same chops over and over and over again to the point of exhaustion and then playing it again. I’m telling you, these guys can play these songs in their sleep. I bet they do. I could be wrong but I got a feeling this drummer played the same 5 Anthrax and Slayer tunes for hours and hours when he was a kid. And I’m not saying that cuz he sounds like either one of them. Cuz he doesn't! But his pedal work is athletic! I could say that about all 4 of them. And that only comes from strength. And strength only comes from doing the same chops over and over again. Look, I could go on and on about these guys! But I’ll just leave it at check them out! AMAZING! They are the future.

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