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Jim Luke

Just one listen and you can tell Jim is an energetic and uplifting soul with a lot of heart. He writes fun uplifting songs with grit that really rock out!

Check out this fun song by Jim

The Angel That Fell

Jim is a longtime songwriter from NW Missouri that now resides in Kansas City, KS.  Years ago he drummed in various bands and bars in Kansas City.  

Now he's focusing on songwriting and trying to get his songs placed with other artists.

Jim is a songwriter and wrote all the music and lyrics on Angel That Fell. 

In order to complete this project traveled all the way to Sugarland, TX and hired Edgewater Music Group to record his songs, along with these outstanding studio musicians:

Isaias Gil - Drums and Percussion

John Shelton - Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Background Vocals

Derek Hames - Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals

Mark Riddell - Bass Guitar


Jim is accomplished in the movie industry

He has several songs in independent movies!

"Remember" is in the final credits in the thriller movie "The Fixer" by Nick Michalak.

"In Love Again", a soft romantic song, is in the short film “Reunion” by Adam Kargman.

“Kiss Your Ass Goodbye” is in the motorcycle documentary “Get Lost: Oregon”

“Bahamas, Bacardi, Bikinis” is in the motorcycle documentary “Get Lost: Baja”

In Love Again & Kiss Your Ass Goodbye in The Scorpion & The Chainsaw by Steve Papineau and Megscope