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KARINA NISTAL is a vibrantly charismatic singer & songwriter, recognized for her extensive range and diverse collaborations. With unique musical stylings evoking the best of Jazz, Soul, Reggaetón, Rap, and Dance, KARINA is a talent to watch with growing crossover appeal in both the English and Spanish speaking markets worldwide.

A Houston native captivated by old school Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, and R&B since early childhood, KARINA’s Cuban/Mexican heritage and Texas upbringing gives her music an unforgettable edge that’s neither traditional nor contemporary, but a catchy evolution of the familiar that’s wholly her own.

After honing her talents as a featured artist on numerous Dance and Hip-Hop singles, KARINA introduced the world to the genre of ReggaeTron – a cutting-edge fusion of Electro & Reggaetón – with her inaugural LP NISTYLE, from STARLIGHT BEATS.

Following the critically acclaimed success of her debut album, KARINA returned to her musical roots with NISTALGIA, a sophomore effort published by L.O.V.E. RECORDS, with a uniquely fresh Latin Fusion take on Soul, Hip-Hop and Dance.

With a meteoric rise to musical fame and no sign of slowing, fans and critics agree that KARINA NISTAL’s hotly anticipated upcoming LP JENE SAIS QUOI will definitively cement her reputation as the Once and Future IT GIRL of the Hurban Dance Movement."

         Shaun Barger