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He who had a dream, and milked it to reality; Lyricast! Flooding one’s soul for music notes since 2001, marked him. Work, can always be fun if one loves what they do. High school to College days molded beyond free-lunch ways of the Juicy Juice. Challenged of re-living raw and un-popular moods, to sweating energy and heart in sound-recording booths. He, who was drawn to stage performances, as music vids from songs hit sought street curtains to dawn in a whole new light. An independent artist found his lit path divine... Beyond boot straps as if through songs, a soldier resides. How strong are their beliefs?

Can one really rub off as to enjoying life, yet boss thoughts of "do or die" vibes: .

Cast's first on stage show hosted by “Dj Favour” was through backing of the "90s HipHop & R&B Part I"; "Zoom Club" in Frankfurt, Germany of 2012. The song called "I'm Hot"(prod by Dolobeats) shot a roaring applaud: . The Hiphop/Rap artist teamed up with saluted wavelengths like "Dj MC-Hollywood" at the "Pearls Lounge Un Discoteka"; Nabburg, Germany, 2013. 

An archived track titled "Devotion"(prod by Dolobeats) may have lead an unlucky performance at an un-timely gig for the "Park Cafe", Wiesbaden, later be released, a classic. Realizing one's failure is a choice of the mind, where character resides, "Azz Got Hipz"(prod by Ray//Flava) was sure to follow a new light. It's song release party was an even bigger performance at "Club Nachtwerk" in Koblenz GE 2013: .

His flight from Germany rippled tides after "Snakes"(prod by Ray//Flava) left to memory, a stand-up guy during the "Our Hip-Hop DE" event's spotlight. Wiesbaden, GE 2014 was just the beginning of even greater possibilities. 

Check out his very first music video titled "Yall Dont Know" ... A song produced by "Rafael Sasina & Peter Postl". The film which was directed by "Richard Porter" of "SoulFolks Studio" in Wiesbaden, Germany. First airing onto "Radio 99" by "Nader Dj Nasty". A video which paved the wave of differences, while a smash hit as the sounds of "Azz Got Hipz" quaked social interest: . This big budget video production was composed by Ray//Flava and directed/filmed by "Tre the Boi Wonder; as Art Davis". 

To fight for a cause bigger than oneself, solidified "Motivation" (prod by Fabobeatz) of Erlangen GE's next hit breaker kick-off. Patchwerk Studios got a hold of this, and mix/master engineering for the track included “Ray Seay and Kenny Mixx” off bat. Graduate of “Atlanta Institute of Music and Media”. Re-shaping the lives of those down to ride, whips another “hit after hit” for debate he's nothing nice and one heck of a Gumbo; Southern-styled! 2019’s latest releases include “We Outchea (W.O.S.A)”; unique word play birthing a challenging good message.

Lyricast credits "Jknock Graphics" flavor, for his first ever logo design and multiple album cover vibes. HIIRP... means "Here's II Radio Play".


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