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Dr. Blu's Review

Fantastically Dark And Smooth! From Dayton, Ohio.

"Praey has a really cool, psychedelic, rock n roll thing going on here. I also really love the singer, Bryan. He's got a possessive voice that really lures you in.

It's been hard to put my finger on their very original sound. It's real dark and melodic. Almost tortured, in a good for the art kind of way. You can feel their "struggle". They themselves call it "Post-punk, darkwave, alt-rock." I think I saw them referring to it as "shoegaze" even. If I absolutely had to describe it I'd have to say it sounds as if David Bowie, Jim Morrison and Robert Smith got together and wrote the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club. But then they had Pink Floyd perform it out on a remote, deserted island somewhere. I absolutely love the sound these guys have going on."

Dr. Blu

Praey is:

Bryan Campbell - vocals

Jeff Lindner - guitar

Steven Wyatt - guitar

Charlie Andrews - bass

Nat Jobe - drums

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Gods, Guns, and Signs

Feel Strange