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Without Sacrifice


Without Sacrifice is Adam Baxter, Clay Wilson, Scott Rockstead, Krissy Avila, Robbie Tivis Jordan, and Travis Windle. They hail out of Dallas, TX.

"They play a no holds barred-punch you in the frickin' face-you better have whiplash or you ain't listening right kind of rock n' roll. I mean these guys rock! Put on your seatbelts kids, this is gonna be bumpy! 

They got a lot of fast grinding beats with some seriously smooth hooks. And their vocal tag-teaming is full of strength power and beauty. 

If you're a true Metal Head, you're gonna love these guys!"

Dr. Blu

Without Sacrifice started in January 2009 in Wichita, KS as one man's vision of a band established to bridge various metal and hard rock genre boundaries. Some say "Nu-metal", others "Metalcore", others "Rap metal", and who knows what else... We say, we play what we like playing, we write what we enjoy writing, and we don't worry about what the genre is - but it's all heavy! Breakdowns, some blasting, some sweeps, throw in a dash of rap and turntables on top of catchy riffs and you've got Without Sacrifice!


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