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Put Your Songs on the Radio

We'll help you grow

To get started all we really need from you is MP3s of your original music, a way to get a hold of you, a picture that you would like to represent your music and a good description of you and your music. We can build your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) and get your songs playing on our station with just that.

But if you want to make your band stand out and really POP, then also start working on the stuff below. Take the first steps now and work on the rest later if you want. We're in this together. :)


Send your songs to

A good MP3 recording of music you wrote that you’re proud of that you own the rights to. You can send one song. You can send 50. Whatever you got. But they have to be originals. We don't play any hits here. We just find them :)

FYI...copyright law literally states that once you think of it, it's your property. Did you think of this? It's your intellectual property. PERIOD. You can let us play them and someone can't steal them from you. But we strongly urge you to start taking the steps necessary to protect your property. Click the link below. This is where you go to copyright your ideas. It's not hard to do and it's not very expensive.

Dr. Blu protectis his songs and you should too.

Tell us how to get a hold of you

Give us an email address and a phone #. And let us know what city or town you play out of. Once we’re loading your songs into our station we’re going to want to do record some promo spots  over the phone and we may want to do an interview at some point.

Tell us what town you call home base. Who does your band represent.

Radio Love Z wants to group our artists more by where they nest rather than by what they play. 

Dr. Blu loves all types of music.

Song Credits

We want to brag about y'all! Tell us who gets the credits for the music. Who wrote what parts and who plays what instruments?

The Lyrics

We need your lyrics typed out. We may want to use some of them as content on your webpage., But our real goal is to put together a poetry hour. Once a week we'll read various song lyrics we've hand selected. During which time we'll be giving major kudos to the author, the song and the band. If you want to possibly be featured in this show we will need to have the lyrics already typed out for us.

Pictures and Artwork

Your logo, promo pictures of the band and album or song artwork. (also give us your artist’s contact info too if you want. We just might feature them in a show someday)


Send us your bio

Send us a bio about your band or yourself if you’re a lone wolf. Don’t sweat the structure or flow of it. We can worry about all that. But we need something about you to talk about. We want to brag about you.

Tell us what shows you've played. Who have you played with? Why do you play? Why do you write? Do you have a kinda popular video on YouTube? What are some interviews that you've done? Has a site or writer featured you before? 

Anything that you can brag about we can use. You never want to lie, but when you're trying to entertain humans, you need to brag a little. 

Tell us who influences your music? What makes your motor run?

Tour Dates

Give us a list of your upcoming shows to promote if you have any. If you don’t have any upcoming shows that’s fine too. We all gotta start somewhere, right?

But we have a great events calendar for you and your fans. So once your part of the family, make sure you keep us up to date.